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Brain Health – NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

From this integration of new science, ancient wisdom, and evolving technology has emerged unique evidence based breakthrough approaches to healing, transformation, optimisation of behaviour,
and solution. When the Brain and Central Nervous System are balanced and operating fluidly according to natural process, as they are designed to, transformational change begins to unfold. Many benefits emerge naturally including increasing health, fluid personal growth, and increased performance and life satisfaction

The benefits of Training with NeurOptimal® at Brain Health are: increased stability, flexibility, adaptability, and greater resilience of Central nervous system functioning. Whilst NeurOptimal® is not a treatment and does not target any specific issue, because of the innovative way it works, many specific beneficial outcomes emerge that are appropriate for that individual. Below is a collation of individual benefits often reported by People who have trained on NeurOptimal®

Improved eye hand coordination  Calmer mind Effortless resolution of old wounds & issues
 Improved mind body coordination  Increase mindfullness Trauma recovery
 Faster response times Less prone to absorption Grief recovery
 Improved executive function Increased awareness Relaxation
 Improved focus
and attention
Improved meditation  Quiet mind
 Faster efficient information processing Mood stability Improved cognitive functioning
 Accelerated learning Greater awareness of energy Better and easier
decision making
 Increased productivity Transformational awareness More presence
 Better and easier
decision making
Awareness of spiritual feeling Improved self esteem
 Increased accuracy Insight and understanding Personal stability
 Burnout protection Awareness of connection Increased self-confidence and assertiveness
 Increased energy Impulse control Mood stability
 Improved open
and closed focus
More centred Improved mood
Increased presence Increased presence Development of emotional intelligence
 Less reactivity Greater sense of direction Improved sleep
 Reduced anxiety
and stage fright
Understanding flow Better problem solving
 Impulse control Increased control Impulse control
 Maintain calm
and flow
Ability to let go/release Less reactivity
 More alert Creativity More control
 Better endurance Smoother transition Increased psychological energy
 Faster recovery Fluid emotional processing Resolution of psychological conditions
 Calmer mind Transitional fluidity Improved memory
 Increased body awareness Ease of acceptance Improved relationships
 Mood stability Release Increased immunity
to stress
 Increased self-control Enhanced wellbeing
 Smoother action,
less body impact

Neurofeedback Brain Training is available at Brain Health in Castlemaine
(by appointment only). Please call 
0401 128 856 for more information
or to make an appointment.

Brain Health: 64 Hargreaves Streets, Castlemaine, VIC.
At other locations by arrangement.